Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Writing About Painting

This is my new blog about what goes on in Flower Mound Studio, in Flower Mound, Texas, where there resides one struggling artist and her three little four-legged studio assistants. A few of my friends have been following my blog about my pugs and my art, but I thought it was time to finally dedicate a bit more time to the craft, rather than the assistants, entertaining though they may be at times.

I've been painting for many years, but began to rededicate myself to art with the launch of my Web site 2 years ago. Since then it feels like I have rediscovered something that was waiting, patiently, to wrap its arms around me again, the muse. Art has always been a healing gift for me, and seeing the smiles on the faces of those who take home my work is a gift, too.

Okay, enough writing. Time to set down the pencil and pick up the brush!


Jean Levert Hood said...

I look forward to seeing the gifts of your muse, Nancy!

What a gorgeous painting you've started the blog with!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jean - your new poppies are amazing. I feel so fortunate to have found another Texas artist like you who inspires me!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh nancy!
your new blog is so exciting!
i am going to add it now to my blogroll and google reader so i can follow all of your entries on all of your blogs!
i can never get enough of your art or your puggies!